Friday 22 December 2017

Inca Treasure Game Development

This is the initial schematic for the new archaeology game about the lost treasure of the Incas. I love playing Inca empire on Civ 5 and watching movies about their lost treasure. 

Here is what I plan: There will be 10 items to be fount in 10 locations relevant to the Inca empire and achievements. They will be marked on the map with some small icons. Every location will hold two images - the first one will unlock the second one, but if the player have the proper item. There will be 10 items  found on the first image in a form of hidden object somewhere on the landscape picture. They will be used with drag and drop over the correct place on the image. For example, the first picture on the Ship Wreckage site will be a shore, a sea and a boat. Drag and drop the diving suit(an initial item) on the boat will show the second picture of a sumken ship. Somewhere on the image there will be a small golden cup to be clicked and collected. When all 10 items are collected the game ends and rewards a new knowledge level. 


1. Spanish Ship Wreckage + sunken ship / ships were carring the melted inca gold to Europe
2. Machu Picchu + ruined building / estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti
3. Vilcabamba (Espiritu Pampa- sewerozapad ot kusko) + jungle bridge / the last refuge of the Inca
4. Sacsayhuaman + mystic stones / Inca complex known for its stone walls
5. Maras Moray + round terrace / Inca site known for its round terraces
6. Coricancha + catacombs / The most important temple in the Inca Empire
7. El Dorado + treasure city / a legend for a site in the heart of s. america.
8. Chan Chan + sand ruins / Chan Chan is located in the mouth of the Moche Valley.
9. Caral or Cusco +
10. Sacred Valley of the Incas + cave


- divng suit
- pickaxe
- rope
- ladder
- rusty key
- machete
- dust brush
- crystal skull
- totem
- torch


1. Spanish Ship Wreckage + sunken ship     = diving suit
2. Machu Picchu + hidden house         = totem
3. Vilcabamba + jungle bridge         = machete
4. Sacsayhuaman + mystic stones     = dust brush
5. Maras Moray + round terrace         = ladder
6. Coricancha + catacombs         = rope
7. El Dorado + treasure city         = crystal skull
8. Chan Chan + sand ruins         = pickaxe
9. Caral or Cusco + storehouse         = rusty key
10. Sacred Valley of the Incas + cave     = torch

2018 update: the game is now online: Inca Treasure Quest