Saturday 30 January 2016

Forest Outlines

Forest Otlines
This drawing is made for a friend that like to color as a hobby. If she color it for mе, I'll use it in a zoology game. Forest sketch.

Halloween Landscape

Halloween Landscape Sketch
This is the concept drawing picture used as background in Happy Halloween Holiday Game.

Wild Lands Landscape

Wild Lands Landscape Drawing.
This landscape drawing is used in the Personality Quest game. Fantasy lands.

19 Planets and Satellites.

Planeta 42 Satellites
This drawing is the art concept of Planet 42 and its satellites. Planets in space.

Women Day Theme

Women Day Drawing
This is the concept drawing picture for Women Day Holiday Game. 8 of March.

Trees with Apples

Trees with Apples Sketch.
This sketch drawing is the concept picture for Apple Varieties Game. Apple trees.
3D model of the robot
 The apple tree garden.

Castle Towers

Castle Towers Drawings
10 types of castle towers drawing.

Elemental Worlds

Elemental Worlds
Strange planets drawing.

Star Fighter Sketch

super cool star fighter
 Sketch by Vesko. Interceptor drawing.
super cool star fighter 3D
Represented by Ogo.

5 Locks

5 Locks Graphic
Some nonsense drawings.

Civilization Eras

Civilization Eras
This drawing of different eras, is the picture used in Civilization Advances Game. Ancient Era. Classical Era. Medieval Ages. Renaissance Era. Industrial Era. Information Era.

Alien World

Alien World Hand Sketch
This world drawing was born in an exam test watching, while quaestoring.

Friday 29 January 2016

Tank Sketch

Tank Sketch
Some tanks drawing.


This illustration drawing is a picture from a round sticker. The both ends are connected, but the scanner is too narrow to see it. It illustrates the human lust for war.

Round Landscape Drawing

Round Landscape drawing.
This picture fits its both sides to make a full landscape on a round surface.

Friday 15 January 2016