Friday 8 May 2015

A Tree

A Tree
Tree drawing.  

A Pine Tree

A Pine Tree
Pine drawing.  

A Dry Tree

A Dry Tree
Dry tree drawing.

Strange Fish

Strange Fish
Fish drawing.

1.44 Diskette

1.44 Diskette
1.44 diskette drawing.

Pencil Kit

pencil kit
Pencil kit drawing.

A Supermarket cart

A Supermarket cart
Supermarket cart drawing.

An Old Telephone

An Old Telephone
Old Telephone drawing.

A Cake

Cake drawing.


Balloons sketch drawing
Balloons drawing.

ugly car

ugky car
Ugly car drawing.

Table Clock

Table Clock
Table clock drawing.

Sand Clock

Sand Clock
Sand clock drawing.

An alien women

Alien Women
Alien women drawing.

A Ninja

ninja sorce picture
Ninja drawing.

Monday 4 May 2015

A Rapier

A Rapier source drawing
Rapier drawing.

A Shpaga

Shpaga source drawing
Shpaga picture drawing.

A Short Sword

Short Sward source drawing
Short Sword picture drawing.

A Long Sword

Long Sward source drawing
Long Sword picture drawing.

A Great Sword

Great Sward source drawing
Great Sword picture drawing.

A Katana

Katana source drawing
Katana picture drawing.

A Scimitar

Scimitar source drawing
Scimitar picture drawing.

An Iatagan

Iatagan source drawing
Iatagan picture drawing.

Teeth Blade

Teeth Blade source drawing
Teeth Blade picture drawing.

A Rogue Knife

Rogue Knife source drawing
Rogue Knife picture drawing.

A Halberd

Halberd source drawing
Halberd  picture drawing.

A Crossbow

Crossbow source drawing
Crossbow picture drawing.

A Bow

Bow source drawing
Bow picture drawing.

A Tank

Tank source drawing
Tank picture drawing.

A Catapult

Catapult source drawing
Catapult picture drawing.

A Pick

Pick source drawing
Mining pick picture drawing.

A Dung Fork

Villa source drawing
Dung Fork picture drawing.

A Shovel

Shovel source drawing
Shovel picture drawing.

A Book

Book source drawing
Book picture drawing.


Pottery source drawing
Pottery picture drawing.


Glasses source drawing
Glasses picture drawing.

A Pear

Pear source drawing
Pear picture drawing.

A Tomato

Tomato source drawing
Tomato picture drawing.

A Wooden Ladder

Ladder source drawing
Wooden Ladder picture drawing. 
Handy web ladder :) I could have cleaned the picture more. Lazy Ogo :)

A Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass source drawing
Magnifying Glass picture drawing.


Finances source drawing
Finances illustration drawing.


Elephant source drawing
Rubber Elephant picture drawing.

An Anvil

Anvil source drawing
Anvil picture drawing. 

A Palm Tree

Palm Tree source drawing
Palm tree picture drawing. A lonely palm tree, and stalking shark.


Socks source drawing
Socks picture drawing.


Underware source drawing
Underwear picture drawing.

Patched Trousers

Trousers source drawing
Patched Trousers picture drawing.


Shirt source drawing

Shirt source drawing 1
Shirts picture drawing.


T-Shirt source drawing
T-Shirt picture drawing.